Start of the Lab!

Exciting times, as Kobe takes up his new position at the Brain and Cognition research unit of the KU Leuven, where he will start his own lab. For lack of a better name called “DesenderLab” now, but that might still change – suggestions welcome!

As you can see under the ‘Lab Members‘ tab, it is going to be quite crowded. Pierre Le Denmat joins the lab to work on his PhD project about how people learn to be confident (with Tom Verguts, UGent); Robin Vloeberghs joins the lab to work on his PhD project about the role of confidence in sequential decisions (with Anne Urai, ULeiden) and Gaia Corlazolli joins the lab to work on her PhD project about sharing of metacognition (with Wim Gevers, ULB). In addition, Katrien Vandenbroeck (UGent) and Hélène Van Marcke (UGent) will perform their 6 months research internship here, and Alan Voodla (UTartu, Estonia) will join 3 months as a visiting PhD student.

Finally, we drafted a lab philosophy page, reflecting the values that we wish to stand for as lab. This is supposed to be a dynamic document – so any input and suggestions are highly welcomed!