First preprint: A post-decisional neural marker of confidence predicts information-seeking

I just posted my first preprint:
Here, we followed up on the findings of our recent psych science paper, and tested which neural markers translate subjective confidence into overt decisions to sample additional information. Using multivariate single-trial decoding, we showed that a classifier trained to decode high vs low confidence from EEG data, can predict information-seeking choices. Thus, our findings unravel a shared neural coding for decision confidence and information-seeking choices!
Curious to see how this will work out.

Transgender and the brain (new blog!)

I wrote another blog for studio brein (in Dutch) about a breinwijzer presentation I attended focussing on transgenders and their brains. Very fascinating topic, altough the take-home message was -more or less- that there’s very little we already know about the brain of transgenders! So af often: more work to do! Read the full blog here

New publication in jep:human perception & performance

Avoiding the conflict: Metacognitive awareness drives the selection of low-demand contexts
Kobe Desender, Cristian Buc Calderon, Filip Van Opstal, Eva Van den Bussche

Previous research attempted to explain how humans strategically adapt behavior in order to achieve successful task performance. Recently, it has been suggested that 1 potential strategy is to avoid tasks that are too demanding. Continue reading